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This article was written in collaboration with Senior UX researcher Caitria O’Neill, currently at Google, previously at Airbnb and Facebook.

The neuroscience of UX.

The human brain is lazy, biased, and prone to shortcuts.

Designers need to start thinking about AI in design as an augmented intelligence system and a creative partner. As design tools, workflows, and processes will inevitably be molded by AI in the coming decade, we need to shift our mindset from a human versus machine to a human plus machine mindset.

AI system illustration

Experimental product design techniques deployed rigorously during the design process are crucial for optimizing user experiences. Instead of converging on a single solution and implementing it in the final phase, experimentation enables product teams to test out ideas earlier in the process with real-world users at scale.

Experimental product design illustration.

Involve your customers and collaborate with them from the start. Otherwise, you are designing without understanding the whole picture.

What Is Human-centered Design (HCD)?

Most mobile experiences suffer from poor UX because their creators failed to observe mobile UX design principles and best practices. These fundamental tenets of mobile usability have been developed over time through meticulous research and user testing. Applying them with rigor will enable designers to create better mobile user experiences.

Boost UX with Mobile UX Design Principles and Best Practices.

The best UX trends speed up interactions, improve usability, and reduce friction. 2020 has reinforced some trends from the previous year, including AI-assisted voice interactions, hyper-personalization, and hand-drawn content; and produced a handful of new UX trends that will endure through the coming years.

UX Trends 2020.

Miklos Philips

User Experience

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